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From Republic of Independent Acadia

Welcome to the Republic of Independent Acadia![edit | edit source]

This is an independent alternate history creative writing additional buzzwords project where Nova Scotia is an independent country.

How did this happen?[edit | edit source]

The gist of Acadia is that it's a small independent country with the same borders as our timeline's Nova Scotia. England lost Father Le Loutre's War (1749—1755), resulting in Nova Scotia becoming the French colony of Acadia again. Acadia would then declare its own independence during the French Revolution.

I'm sure there are all sorts of flaws with this backstory. I'm no historian, an amateur history buff if anything, nor am I even Canadian.

Where to begin?[edit | edit source]

The entry for Acadia itself is probably the best place to start. As I flesh out the worldbuilding more pages will be added until we get to ridiculously specific things that no one needs to know about a fictional country. Another good place to start would be the Hub Hub, which can lead you to all the other hubs on the Acadia wiki.

This project is run by Conor Farrell, written very sporadically and created in Cities:Skylines even less frequently.